Get Busy or Go Away!

Isn’t it time to realize that true happiness lies within you? Stop fucking around and blaming your unhappiness on other folks (and I don’t care if that is a fragment.) If you had a crappy childhood, deal with it. You are no longer a child. It’s time to get busy living in the moment. Who gives a shit if your Dad was an asshole or your Mom wasn’t nurturing? What in the hell does that have to do with today? A friend of mine was talking about his Dad being physically abusive when he was a child. I truly am sorry that happened to him. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and being angry about something you absolutely can NOT change why not step up and stop that circle of dysfunction? It’s the same with hatred. If you were born into a family of ignorance, go ahead and do something positive. Teach love and acceptance. Do the time, face your demons and get over it.

I read a quote a few weeks back and it stuck with me. “If you have regrets, you are living in the past. If you have fears you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” Makes sense and it didn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure that shit out but at times we just need the obvious slapped up the side of our head.

It takes me reminding me to quit future tripping when I start to worry about something. It hasn’t even happened and I start freaking out. It’s stupid and ridiculous. I tend to shy away from people who feel sorry for themselves because somebody did them wrong. Don’t get me wrong I will listen to your heart aches one or two times but if you continue to freak out over the same thing multiple times I want to scream. Deal with it, send that wrong doer some love and put it in the fuckit bucket. You can’t change people’s behaviors or actions. It makes you stronger even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Go do a random act of kindness, act like a kid in a sprinkler on a hot day, read a positive book, go volunteer to demolish something, just go do whatever to get you moving in the right direction again. I know it’s easier said than done but NOBODY is going to make you better except for yourself. Stop the blame game.

Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world. As I have said a million times before, this life is not a dress rehearsal. Remember that there is no happiness in having. It’s just “stuff” and you can always get more stuff. I damned sure don’t want to be remembered for what materialistic things I had. When everyone is sitting around after I kick the bucket I want people to remember how I made them feel and how I enriched their lives. Reach out. Distribute kindness. Smile, even if you don’t want to. Eventually that smirk will stick. Happiness is contagious.

The other day I was complaining about the landscapers waking me up AGAIN. As if this is such a huge problem. Oh poor Nikki, your life is so tough. Other people are doing your manual labor and making your home pretty. I am pretty sure they do bring bags of leaves from other yards and dump them in my pool. Again, oh such a tough life you have to clean a cool refreshing pool. Hell, someone else even comes and puts the chemicals in it. I think it might be Jesus because I never see him/her but I know the pool has chlorine. What I am trying to say here is there are always two ways of looking at a situation. I could complain about doing something but I would rather appreciate that I have that pool to clean. It’s the whole half glass thing…oh look a squirrel.

As usual, there isn’t really a point to any of this. I simply enjoy sharing my more optimistic views and experiences. Hopefully it touches at least one person and makes their day better.

Here is one of my favorite quotes: “And sometimes, I allow myself to imagine that each moment in which we love well by simply being all of who we are and being fully present allows us to give back something essential to the Sacred Mystery that sustains all life.” ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer from The Invitation

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Peace out Suckas! Be kind for fucks sake.


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6 thoughts on “Get Busy or Go Away!”

  1. You eloquently stated what has been in my head for a long time. Thank you for inviting me to share in your healthy euphoric logical crazy world!

  2. These positive outlooks on life are exactly what I’ve been trying to show to my friends, and most of them have an issue with getting down on the slightest thing, not realizing just how much is good is in their life.
    Everyone focuses on the water their cup is lacking, not what it still contains.

  3. Hi nikki
    came across ur blog on pinterest when I was flipping through some funny pics. That is so refreshing! !
    Thank you for that. I Don’t know y we all love complaining so much but thank you for giving me the push to try be a better and happier mum and wife regardless of anyone or anything

  4. I love this article!
    The only part I think that’s missing & needs to be said is, learn from the dysfunction, set boundaries to protect yourself, & don’t allow the people that hurt you to continue doing it!

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